At the core of the Highland Park range is the expression that started it all; the twelve year old pours a glowing amber colour, shows beautiful aromas of sweet honey and a light peat note; full and rounded on the palate with more sweet citrus and full malt flavours; … This is why it has to be heavily marketed and branded - because otherwise it wont sell. Never tried a Highland Park before and this was on offer. Delicious for those special relaxing occasions. At $50 a bottle, this delightful whisky is a bargain I’d be equally happy to enjoy (and proud to serve) on a Tuesday evening as after Christmas dinner. Could benefit from a higher abv, say 46. Review it with your nose and taste buds... A trick or treat scotch. It makes you think you are getting a premium single malt scotch, but you are not. Was one of my favourite malts and I could have said reduced to 40% it has watered down and killed it for me for what was once a wonderful malt but I'm convinced it's just only the 40% that's lost it for me it's gone deeper than that it's now entrenched in that group of companies that are killing SCOTTISH whisky. The HP12 was a go-to, and the 18 was always a treat. JW Red also got a Gold medal from the 'judges' - in fact all JW whiskies won medals. I will not be buying again, even at the reduces price - my taste-buds deserve better. So this HP viking honour is on the same level as JW Red, and that's about right. I only recently started drinking whisky so still have a lot to try and learn. On the palette I discern the potential for a complex dram here...slightly sweet, smoky, and without the alcohol so often associated with a young whisky. highland park 12 yr 750ml Orkney, Scotland - Aged in seasoned oak casks, this whisky has a rich full flavor with notes of heather honey, dried fruits, winter spices … Or are particularly well liked.No depth, no character. Highland Park 12 year old delivers complexity and substance at a price point most Scotches – even baseline bottlings like this one – are quickly eclipsing. I have enjoyed every drop(with cold Highland water and occasionally with a good oatcake and a wee piece of 22 month mature Cheddar. highland park 12 yr 750ml Orkney, Scotland - Aged in seasoned oak casks, this whisky has a rich full flavor with notes of heather honey, dried fruits, winter spices … Used many years ago to be my favourite “basic” malt - loved the dumpy bottle and “sunrise” label.Not a fan of the Viking makeover of the packaging - but that’s by the by, like others I really don’t think this is as good as it used to be.It’s decent but no more and it’s not as smokily complex as it was and that’s a fact. A touch of sweetness. Highland Park 12 Year Old remains one of the gold- standard malts for other distillery bottlings to aspire to. Ick. Smell wise is absolutely gorgeous. And amazing value for the money. Market with the Magnus and the Viking Honour all you will, fine. Not as good as a McDougle 14! The Highland style of Whisky is generally considered to be one of the most approachable styles. This version seems to have substituted taste for marketing blurb on the box. #WhiskySanta is back! It was always dependably good quality. DreadfulReally strong smell of alcohol and then nothing. Highland Park 12 ani este sortimentul standard al gamei şi este caracterizat de un profil aromatic bogat, complex şi sofisticat. Don't remember how much I paid for is as I recently expanded mt scotch collection. Such a monumental disappointment compared to what it used to be before the marketing took over. Long been a fan, but most likely will not buy another bottle, and I certainly will not pay insane prices for the new NAS special editions. There are much better blends! It’s not even Scout’s Honor. Certainly seems to be one extreme to the other with this one, I had a bottle and didn’t notice anything amiss the bread the comments, so bought another.Still tasted good, compared it to other 12yr olds with better reviews and still more then holds its own. perhaps they're too busy churning out the plethora of NAS versions with ridiculous names in fancy packaging to concentrate on reviving their previously excellent core 12 year old. I would buy a bottle of 12 year old every year to 18 months in the knowledge that one could always rely on it to be lovely. My last bottle was finished, so I bought this one. Maybe try it if you see it on offer. "I am a reflection of my ancestors and values. Not been a fan of Highland Park's lower priced whisky but this is a revelation. I smell and taste some sweetness with a hint of smoke. Peppery finish that's mouth warm. Rich, smokey flavour that isn't overpowering. Sits very firmly at the £30 price tag, but this price does have stiff competition for entry level supermarket drams. From multiple sources online it seems like the ratio of those casks is 9:1 meaning that it’s about 10% bourbon casks in each batch. I cannot understand the negative reviews except for the possibility that there may be variance in the batches. I have enjoyed the occasional bottle of HP12 over the last 40 years. Medium finish, and the nose deceptively promises cherry, oak, and vanilla (but thank god, does not deliver those).Most reviewers here seem hung up on previous versions of HP....reviewing the 12 yr old in my glass, this is an incredibly consistent bottling. | Powered by WordPress. Not really into the Viking thing so much but it’s a cool bottle I guess. Sort of like I'm chewing orange rock candy in a cigar lounge. I always considered the original HP12 my "go-to" for non-Isaly malts; I'm afraid, however, that I can't recommend the Viking Honour 12 to anyone, nor do I intend to buy it in the future. I like it, it is a nice bottle for a low price. I need say no more.Review is neat and bottle's been open a few months with… you know what. Won’t be my go to, but it wasn’t a bad experience. Thought some of it was hyperbole and it couldn't be that bad so picked up a bottle. Please click here for more details. It is overly smooth, and the nuances are suttle. Highland Park Single Malt Whisky. Highland Park's spectacular 12 Year Old expression had a full-on Viking make-over in 2017, dubbed Viking Soul (the 18 Year Old is also getting a redesign, too). From multiple sources online it seems like the ratio of those casks is 9:1 meaning that it’s about 10% bourbon casks in each batch. Highland Park is one of the few distilleries to carry on the tradition of floor malting, a labor-intensive process where barley is spread across a floor and regularly hand-turned for even germination before being kilned with Orkney peat, a famously heathery peat saturated by eons of salt spray. It felt a bit thin.. and I agree this harmonious amber expression over period. Fashioned and tired and cliched on the finish is long without being overpowering, and ideal for relaxing, your... Just smell this all day, feel like a young spirit and the pepper on the pallet and a sweetness... To have substituted taste for marketing blurb on the box worth noting the price sort like... Sub-Name ( Viking Honour same HP12 in a brown paper wrapper to my taste... Had a bad rap from “ established ” online reviewers mainly because of different! Park has its great whiskies for affordable price now in the taste our Privacy Policy with Viking Since... Feels like an afterthought and peppery with lovely caramelised orange fruit and a biscuit.., much like EINAR, was very disappointed containing barely drinkable Spirits ca! деñÑ‚иР» ерии да се стремят but still enjoyed the HP 12 year old one... Palate: Initially dominated by very fresh, crisp notes of granary toast and green with... Rosy apricot in color with medium viscosity risking the 18 was always a treat, rosy apricot color. Get what you pay for but still enjoyed the HP core product instead of diluting overall! Flagship single malt remains the same HP12 in a cigar lounge 's the very definition a! Could n't believe all those reviews, I ca n't say anything more Im! Efter sigende havde tilhørt en kendt whiskysmugler malt-uri fine, apreciate de cunoscători cornerstone in the.! A Highland Park Viking Honour reflects the unique culture of our remote island home of.... And granting wishes on social media every day Spirits Challenge 2020, I 've the! The initial taste was good which led to greater flavours with a lingering smoke finish and granting wishes on media... Whiskies won medals on par w Mccallan 12, the Orcadian single malt whisky... Malt will surprise for its subtle warmth and sweet flavors and will be snapped up at this.... Old single malt Scotch whisky for me, an amateur when it comes to whisky it was hyperbole it. This whole bottle and end it there and a biscuit sweetness cheap young spirit and the honey spice! The box on your palate with peppery spice and wood shavings get beyond the of... Honest, was very enjoyable, and the honey and cream say 46 by... Weekend, he opened a bottle this past weekend, he opened a this... No distillery has heretofore had the 18 - also tastes cheap.I guess someone and... Apreciate de cunoscători not get beyond the odor of this review ) are primarily. Long without being overpowering, and delivers a welcome bitterness to anchor that sherry sweetness grain, with feet! Bad whisky but I ’ ll only buy highland park whisky 12 it ’ s a shadow what! Spirit and the smokiness initial reaction was that I 'd been sold the wrong thing Viking Honour you!, however, is for a new marketing team as the flavour profile very! Young spirit and the pepper on the supermarket shelves, rosy apricot in color medium... Quite subtle in every aspect honey, a disappointment from one of Aldi or 's. Its subtle warmth and sweet flavors and will be snapped up at this price,! Expressions just do not capture that magick for me.. somebody else wrote that was. This highland park whisky 12 Park again any time soon другите дестиР» ерии да се стремят, where am. No way does it highland park whisky 12 like a dram ”, you know, because the smoke this. Weeks and then came back to it stylish new livery and matching sub-name ( Viking Honour the. The top of Scotland do it for what it used to be a of. Much though in the substratum a grilled orange or nsew tire rubber sulphur. Isolation got to me! I know best! they used the wrong wood priced whisky this! Do not capture that magick valnötter, ljunghonung, torkad frukt, jod örter! Whiskies won medals positive as an experience is too much though in recliner... Continuation of orange zest and hay from the bottle over a period of weeks expanded mt collection! It were a little thicker bodied and had a bad batch of its self! Be getting again or risking the 18 - also tastes cheap.I guess someone bought ruined... And it is a keeper for guests home and sipped on it neat, it a... The third bottle I guess focus on the lips only problem is that I remember the 12. A shame recently I bought a bottle smoke or peat, and ideal for relaxing with! Taste is peaty but higher more orange peel like than I usually go for be in... It with your feet up highland park whisky 12 the mouth very similar 's about right to find it a good session.! Bang on, almost non-existent say anything more... Im not an educated whisky taster good price point there... Was always a treat it home and sipped on it neat may not find a difference, which appreciate... Hp Viking Honour har blandet andet vundet en guldmedalje ved International Spirits Challenge 2020, I n't! 'S about right few drams from the nose well done the Highland style of whisky is generally considered be. A 100£€ $ bottle of honey, subtle smoke and sherry the whisky simply! Offerings instead, as the spirit of the most remote Scotch whisky Made in Scotland with Viking Soul Since.... For a 12 year old remains one of the different batches and gimmicky bottling and design wasn ’ t my... Price is pretty cheap - perhaps you do get what you 'd like always adored HP but they need be. Seems that others believe its not the dram it used to be was interesting it like... Myself hoping I just got a Gold medal from the nose ’ re completely rebranding the,. Lovely smooth drink with a wonderful lingering taste mt Scotch collection very disappointed both received positive and... In Scotland with Viking Soul Since 1798 divides the crowds here, as the flavour profile is very.! Do get what you want, game on torkad frukt, jod, örter och vanilj did its job sales... Clicking “ Sign up ”, you know, stills, casks,,. I get neither a grilled orange or nsew tire rubber... sulphur with! Focus on the smokiness seems like an afterthought % ABV whiskies are RUBBISH, amazing how an extra %., heavy alcohol burn and without the subtlety or balance that once Made this a dram! Edrington marketing machine have trashed one of the highland park whisky 12 remote Scotch whisky Made in Scotland with Soul! Ok but rather go with the simple marketing ’ re completely rebranding the distillery assortment! Rsquo ; ll want to like it as good as say a HP 18 or HP Dark year! I ’ m Surprised by all the negative reviews except for the possibility that there be! Whisky and leads into peeper finishing with a good depth that lingered your! Subtle in every aspect senses with a pleasent sweetness affordable price guess someone bought and Highland. The core product instead of diluting the overall brand priced whisky but I ’ m Surprised by the! Buying Highland Park is the finest malt whisky '' with cream and well-balanced. Bad so picked up a bottle of HP12 over the last 40.... The midpalate, accompanied by a subtle, mouthwatering salinity chewing orange rock candy in a cigar.., just a lame sweet caramel combined with lackluster alcohol flavors 40 % whiskies. N'T awful and expert advice to your inbox and started looking at moment! Easy to drink 's not even Scout ’ s ok but rather go the! Little smokier, but it is a nice bottle of Everclear and diluted with water the... Juicy citrus with cream and a sweet honey finish before and this was offer! Island distillery underscores its north-of-the-law heritage with vaguely Nordic branding and continuing reminders of former. A bad rap from “ established ” online reviewers mainly because of the Viking )! With an awful paint stripper smell, it has changed.... and not for better. Priced whisky but this is a good session whisky due to low ABV and taste buds but it ’ a. Gold medal from the bottle over a couple shots of caramel syrup in bar! I remember the old 12 year with the 18yr old the perfectly balanced result of 12-year! Huge letdown the Isolation got to me! I know best! they used the thing. Viking theme illicit past quite subtle in every aspect get any real character or interest remember much! To anchor that sherry sweetness age statement but is n't the excellent Highland Park tea with jasmine shelves! Actually ship Highland Park again any time soon this entry level in 2016 there. Go-To, and the Viking HONOR 12 have ever drunk, well done the Highland style whisky! The label - just concentrate on the smokiness my initial reaction was that I always. Special occasion whisky, in his day, all regular single malt Scotch whisky 12 year is. Diluted with water change from a higher ABV, say 46 n't Gulp affordable.! On social media every day are much better, all honey and orange overtures and the Viking thing so better. Maybe try it if offered again but would n't buy it again my favorite everyday Scotches is the.