She has a very easy going talking style, and unlike Mell, is an outgoing person, fitting for attending to customers. Ouma (girl) keeps on pestering Yumeno (boy) to prove to her that he has real magic, and a silly little accident happens when he tries doing so... A rewrite of V3 with different talents, designs, roles, relationships, and motives!Or more accurately, a V3 rewrite using the Beta designs! Another former member of the Anti-Descended Evil Unit, she works closely as a talent scout for the Imperial Capital Dramatic Troupe. The group is collectively known as the Black Sanctum Council. Gemini attempts to fit in with the people of New York but has a hard time due to her cowgirl personality. In the game, Ogami is asked to help her get out of a Bleumer traditional event, where octopus, which she hates, is served. Later, she was proposed to another noble named Count Richie. As the daughter of Kazuma Shinguji, the hero of the last demon war, and heir to the spiritual power of the Shinguji family, she was summoned to Tokyo by General Yoneda sometime after the formation of the Flower Division. After an initial period of friction between the pair when Ogami arrives, Maria's attitude begins to turn slightly, though she still remains the most coldly emotional of the group. Given command of the Moon Division, or "Moon Division" (the reconnaissance and intelligence unit for the Flower Division), Kayama's role is to carry out any and all covert missions for the general. 🥀. Kohran Li (李 紅蘭, Japanese: Li Kōran) The visuals of the characters were created by Kōsuke Fujishima and designed by Hidenori Matsubara, while their scenarios were written by Satoru Akahori. Super High School Level Swimmer). Reviewing the TV series, Mark Thomas from Mania Entertainment enjoyed the characters, most notably Setsuna. An extremely beautiful Italian-Japanese girl, Orihime was at first cordial to all of her teammates—except for Ōgami. A strict professional when it comes to his job, he often scolds his subordinates. Oma Kokichi's Birthday; Yumeno Himiko's Birthday; Ouma instead of Oma; Orphan Oma Kokichi; Summary. Often seen as either clumsy or a country yokel by many of the other members when she first arrives, she steadily increases in skill and confidence to become one of the strongest of the group. But during Hanabi's performance, Évian spills out their working place, Chattes Noires, and Masamichi volunteer to get onto the stage. Aoi Asahina (朝日奈 葵), also known as Hina, is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Graduating from the same naval academy as Ichiro Ōgami at the same time, Kayama was intended as the original replacement for Maria as leader of the Flower Division. Sakura Aida is in for a teamy porn show along younger stud - More at And a new meaning to what is to win the game. They were known to have crashed the Shogei-maru into the enemy stronghold to "inject" the Flower Division inside. (simplified Chinese: 李红兰; traditional Chinese: 李紅蘭; pinyin: Lǐ Hónglán) 🥀 Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left untreated. The Rose Division are the self-styled "Evil Spirit Defense Forces" and the self-styled "Secret Corps of Love and Beauty." She likes making confectionery and originally came to Paris to become a patisserie. She has a very bright and friendly personality though she is prone to daydreaming. According to Grand-Mère, if they used her real name, the Bleumer family will come storming into Chattes Noires for making their only daughter a cabaret dancer. A very energetic young girl, she loves to play around with the others. She is also capable of teleportation. Tsubaki Takamura (高村 椿, Takamura Tsubaki). Outwardly a flamboyant showman, he is actually a shrewd manipulator using this to either get what's necessary for the situation or to entice a certain reaction from someone. Unit 2020 Sumire Kanzaki Returns Became Stage Manager in Shin Sakura Taisen Animation Series, Maria Tachibana (タチバナ・マリア, Tachibana Maria) 8:33. The youngest member of the Flower Division, Iris does not use a weapon like her teammates (the one time she was so equipped, she panicked and shot at both friend and foe), but she has psionic Energy Amplifying powers. Once, during the game, when her true spiritual powers awaken, she takes on a serious, divine personality. He is the Maintenance crew chief for the Kagekidan. After an incident involving a duel with Subaru, which he lost, he was forced to perform on stage as a girl named Petitmint (Peppermint in English). "Yokiko" uses woman's language, wears make-up, and dresses in the female military uniform. She begins the game as the theater's cleaning girl who has dreams of one day performing and becoming a part of the Star Division and becoming a proper lady in the process. After a series of setbacks, it is decided that Ichiro Ogami should replace her as leader, with Maria remaining as his second. ☆~Usami~☆: Now we can bond more!!! As such, she tends to come off as a little arrogant and looks at everything in an analytical sense. Two sleepy snapshots of Kokichi and Himiko waking up and falling asleep together. Rika has a very hearty appetite and will often eat a lot of food (which much of her bounty hunting money goes to). Chamber is an old friend of Gemini and captain of the Texas Cavalry. Sakura Ogami (大神 さくら), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. She has a white horse named Rally (Larry in the English-language version) that she keeps in her apartment but will occasionally ride him around New York. Originally an ensign, he was later promoted to lieutenant junior grade. Because of this, in comparison with the Teito Flower Division members, she is the closest to the typical image of the traditional Japanese woman (reserved, refined, and obedient to men). She uses a chain connected to her right arm as a whip, and also can conjure flame with her spiritual power. With Ci, they are the MC of the revue at Chattes Noires. This was caused by an early case she took to help a friend who was framed, however she lost that case and he was subsequently arrested. Kokichi remembers 3 days.1st day: His surprise birthday.2nd day: Her birthday.3rd day: When he made the decision.With those 3 days he has a new motive to win.And a new meaning to what is to win the game. Kanna is the master of a Martial Arts style that allows her to easily kill a bull with her bare hands. I can take requests! Though Ogami is the primary protagonist of the Sakura Wars games, he plays a minor role in the anime and manga adaptions. An illusion was placed on Blue Setsuna. They often force him into the costume in the OVA having him perform Cleopatra. Because of her powers, she is only temporary paralyzed. Probably the 5th one you’ve seen at best but like the 2nd one you’ve seen on archive, requests are open! Orihime Soletta (ソレッタ・織姫, Soretta Orihime)[2]. Her uniform is green. As she used up all her powers and brought back to Chattes Noires, Grand-Mère intends to take her as a member of the Flower Division but Ogami tells Grand-Mère to let her decide since she has a sorrowful background, not knowing that she was already awake. She gets a job at the local cafe to help pay her tuition. A serious and punctual person, yet timid by nature, she tries to do everything by herself. He has 9 children, and his dream is to manage them as a baseball team. After the attempt by Grand-Mère to capture her fails, Norimichi Sakomizu shoots a spiritual bullet through her heart. [1]. Afraid that people who have seen her powers will think ill of her, she decides to live and become a nun in a church ran by Father Leno. By finishing the game as "The Black Haired Noblemen", Ogami finds that Mell had a cut out picture of him in front of Chattes Noires. She is an actress and writer, known for Fainaru fantajî XIII (2009), Hellsing Ultimate (2006) and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (2015). The next day, although she hesitates at first to come back to Chattes Noires, the rest of the Paris Flower Division manages to convince Erica to come back, by making a fake emergency call. Diana's spiritual power is so great that it is physically damaging to her body, which is the cause of her poor health, made worse by her already frail body. Even though she was treated badly by the ringmaster and always seen smiling all the time, yet she is actually trying to hide her sad feelings of loneness. There are a few ships I won't write about though, due to them making me uncomfy. You kids be sure to get along! She clashes heads with a male co-worker will she trust him or will she not? She works as the stage manager of the Flower Division. She wears a black dress as a mourning dress. She sometimes uses Ogami as a guinea pig to test her inventions, with predictably hilarious results when the inventions blow up during testing. With those 3 days he has a new motive to win. Her spiritual armor is equipped with a huge claw. kazuar, meaning "cassowary"). In Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris, Masamichi Kitaoji, Hanabi's father, comes to Paris for a surprise visit. Ogami loses (Since he was worried of attacking her when she lost her balance) and becomes a temporary maid for the Bleumer family. Ayame is a talented linguist, having spoken no less than four languages and two regional dialects during her time in the series. Mentioned in the ADV Sakura Wars TV pamphlet Leni has great battlefield tactic knowledge and is a gifted ballerina. However, the coaches felt that her spiritual powers have not been awakened. He was chosen to head the Flower Division when he proved himself capable during a test of a Koubu prototype. To do this, he must learn to conquer his fears, and stand proud! Her uniform is red. A very responsible and reliable member of the Flower Division. With Oogami and everyone else's support however, she becomes more open, and gets along well with Iris. In Sakura Taisen Le Nouveau Paris, due to the nature of the game Sakura Taisen, a debate occurs amongst the Flower Division members as to whom the next captain of the Flower Division should be. The Maiden Division are a troupe of young girls who were chosen for their potential to eventually become Koubu pilots. However, after it was found that his above average spiritual power was still not enough to power a Kōbu, General Yoneda found a different use for him. Sakura put a great deal of trust in Makoto, telling him about her past and her boyfriend Kenshiro. A frail medical practitioner who wears glasses and is sometimes considered to be a wheelchair user. Just the Ultimate Gardener Himiko and Ultimate Musician Kokichi vibin with some plants, what can I say? I'm going to finish up those requests first, thank you!! Of the three members of his unit, he is the only one who dresses in men's clothing. She then comes back as a supporting character in Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. It is not until Shinjiro and the others show her that she can fight her fate that she decides to walk and help the Star Division. She carries two cross-shaped machine guns named "Raphael" and "Gabriel", concealed inside her skirt. In the beginning of the game, she serves as Shinjiro's comfort when he's feeling troubled. Because of this, she gets easily depressed whenever the other citizens see her as nothing more as a country hick, even considering moving back to Texas. 2nd day: Her birthday. Sunnyside also acts as a caretaker to Diana Caprice, who calls him "Uncle Sunnyside". She's a fun loving person who often teases Shinjiro by seducing him. Sagiitta Weinberg (サジータ・ワインバーグ, Sajīta Wainbāgu, Cheiron Archer in the English-language version). The enemy characters of the television series are a variation on those of the Sakura Wars 1 game listed above. LIVE Parade. She hesitates to intimate interaction with people, and often acts cold, selfish and irresponsible, in order to keep people from becoming close to her. His name is that of a woman's and he is very flamboyant in dress and attitude. 8 months ago HDzog. In Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris, she assumes that she and Hanabi does not have any parents until Masamichi Kitaoji, Hanabi's father comes during their turn for a lookout for the grave robber. He has a crush on Ōgami. Because eighty percent of the criminal incident in Paris was her doing, she was called the greatest in Paris. Welp, there wouldn't be hope without despair, and these teenagers need a lot of it! A bumbling detective of the Paris Police. The truth is that Karuchera is actually Python in her human form (see her profile). Gemini is the main character of Sakura Wars V: Episode 0 as she saves Texas and makes her way to New York. Plum Spaniel (プラム・スパニエル, Puramu Supanieru, Cherry Cocker in the English-language version). He is hardworking and dedicated to the samurai spirit, but is somewhat straightforward, which leads to problems. Cheerful, and good humoured, Kohran is mechanically inclined and loves to work with the koubu. An accomplished African-American lawyer from Harlem, who is also the leader of a local biker gang. However, to Erica, those actions had no effect. When the Paris Flower Division members are being led into the prison, where she was detained, to recruit her, she takes Erica as hostage. [12] DVD Verdict's Judge Adam Arsenea criticized the "lame, character developing episodes that fail to actually do anything interesting. Watching the duel, she thinks that Ogami lost to her on purpose. Her uniform is purple. The Rose Division are attached to the army and live in the basement of the Imperial Theatre where the shows are held. “pity this busy monster, manunkind.” - E. E. Cummings, You already know the drill, just read the title. The Paris Combat Revue and Arc de Triomphe's Station Chief. ☆~Usami~☆: That's a no no word Kuzuryuu-San! She carries around a pet weasel named Niko (Niccolo in the English version), which also (to the dismay of her teammates) serves as emergency rations in case she cannot find something to eat. 18 Year Old Sexual Awakening . Sakomizu is France's Japanese ambassador. She loves small animals (revealed in the dating event in Chapter 6), and has humanity to protect the weak. A second lieutenant who dresses in the tight-skirted army uniform meant for women, and who at first glance resembles a girl. But Ogami manages to expose his true identity by challenging him to a duel and winning. She genuinely tries to help others in need, yet her clumsiness almost always creates more trouble. A girl highly skilled in knife throwing. When Erica is arrested as an accomplice of Lobelia due to Lobelia's lie, Erica wonders what Lobelia meant by having pleasure in the morning with men. Despite her attitude, she is a skilled pilot and highly capable of wielding a naginata, and can sometimes be rather wise. Always hungry and tomboyish, the fairly easygoing Kanna serves as the group's raw muscle. He is the most skilled fighter of the group. random crap ill keep adding to until i stop having ideas. She idolizes the creator of the Koubu, Shinnosuke Yamazaki. Erica is always seen smiling and trying to cheer up everyone. Later he and Sakura came to possess the Shinken-Shirahadori and Koutou-Mukei spiritual swords to carry out the Ni-ken Ni-tou no Gi. The names of the various troupes/divisions of the Imperial Combat Revue (e.g., flower, star, moon, wind) are modeled on those of the Takarazuka Kagekidan (Takarazuka Revue). Haruka is an orphan and the older sister of Tsubomi. Her favorite food is pudding. Her personality is aggressive, due to her Viking blood. Another function of the Dream Division is to perform psychic research on recovered artifacts, though this can occasionally trigger a brutal response from their enemies. When Shuichi and Kaede are dragged to an amusement park double date by Himiko and Kokichi, hijinks abound. After naming Shinjiro as the acting leader, she is sidelined as the vice-commander under Sunnyside helping the others coordinate their missions. The commanding officer of the Rose Division, he has the rank of army captain. It is also shown that she gets her infamous wake-up maracas dance from Father Leno. Her Koubu-F originally had one huge extendable claw, but it was later revamped to the Koubu-F2 which had both arms instead of one equipped with the weapon. Because Erica keeps approaching her as a normal person worthy of attention, and because she cannot stop Erica from doing so, she has a hard time dealing with Erica. Super High School Level Fighter). Shinjiro's mother is a caring woman who is a master swordsman and is very motherly, though she tends to go a bit overboard and teases Shinjiro just as much as the others do. However, though her struggles in Russia have left her an expert marksman and skilled tactician, she also becomes coldly logical and unwilling to interact with others on an emotional level, which leads to being labeled "Kazuar" (Russian: Казуар, tr. Due to how she grew up, her knowledge of the world is somewhat limited. Rachel Robinson was born on May 10, 1972 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Rachel Elizabeth Robinson. In the TV series, he temporarily assumed the role of Assistant Commander. But after one year of training, she still slacks much to Grand-Mère's dismay. She is acknowledged as a genius, and said to have never been defeated in any form of competition or combat. Yoritsune Hanakōji (花小路 頼恒, Hanakōji Yoritsune). Warning- The atmosphere and overall ambiance are darker than the original V3.Please do not read if under 16 or if you are sensitive to any of the subjects mentioned in the tags. The vendor at the shop inside Littlelip Theater. She has a tendency to use any means to achieve her goal: she used her spiritual powers to commit her crimes, and burned a famous painting when the enemy tried to use it as a bargaining chip (when asked how she knew the painting she had destroyed was a fake, Lobelia replies that she did not know). She has a great interest in Japan and its culture, although her knowledge is often anachronistic, or wrong. During this chapter, Father Leno comes to Ogami and asks him to tell Erica to leave the convent, due to Erica's clumsiness creating more havoc. Ayame's little sister, she comes to Japan, around the same time as Orihime and Leni, for Kaede was originally Deputy Commander to the short-lived European Star Division, stepping in her older sister's shoes after her death. Because of her looks, the others often wonder if Subaru is male or female, in which she responds that "Subaru is Subaru" and that gender is not important. Giyuu Ninkyou Hanafubuki. Enigmatic and androgynous, Subaru was another member of the short-lived European Star Division alongside Ratchet. A running joke in the series is that Kohran's inventions are rather accident-prone, often backfiring or blowing up in her face. An army sergeant who has very muscular physique and a deep voice. So many ships in Danganronpa, either canon, non-canon or not-even-thought-of. In an effort to raise their spiritual powers to the level needed to control the koubu they are trained in theatrical arts. If the player finish the game as "The Black Haired Noblemen", her ending is when she will bake Ogami a cake. An established selfish actress of great talent and self-professed star of the Flower Division, Sumire is arrogant and conceited, perhaps because she was raised as a spoiled brat, with her father and grandfather being good-hearted yet very workaholic. It is thought that she is named after the well-known Takarazuka member Sumire Haruno. Himiko and Kokichi go shopping, then they meet at Rantaro’s mansion. 09/30/2017 - 10/09/2017. Because the House of Kitaoji and the House of Bleumer are old acquaintances, the Bleumer family took care of her after her father Baron Kitaoji Masamichi left Paris. She also creates all of the stage costumes for the Star Division. The daughter and sole heir of the Bleumer family, a great noble of Normandy descent. The Maiden Division were at hand when Tokyo was attacked by a mysterious organization, known only as Yami Mono or the Dark Ones, while the Flower Division was away. Things start to get strange when class 78 student: Makoto Naegi, is attacked on his way home by a mysterious figure that stabs him with a strange arrow. Kayama was with him during that time, but eventually Ogami was sent to work with the Flower Division, as Kayama worked with the Moon Division. This experience is why she was chosen to be the original leader of the group. Hohoemi Diary. A young Navy lieutenant from Japan who becomes the captain of the New York Combat Revue. As a result, he loves IDOLiSH7 more than anyone else. For example; when asked by Father Leno to clean the sanctuary, she ends up destroying the Virgin Mary statue, when she was in charge of clearing the weed near the church, she ends up plucking out the flower bed, and when she was in charge of the cooking, and she cooked up a dish that was inedible. After the Paris Flower Division kills Python, she works as the ringmaster (after the original Ringmaster is murdered by Python) in the morning and as a magician in Chattes Noires. She makes friends with Glycine and recruits Glycine as the second member, after saving her. He is almost never seen without a bottle of sake in hand. She is a bit klutzy and is generally made fun of by her fellow Otome-gumi members. She is a daughter born into the elite Kanzaki industrial clan, whose factory produced the Koubu. She is known to speak English, Japanese (Kanto and Okinawa dialects), French, and Chinese (it is unknown whether it is Mandarin or Cantonese she is speaking). She has an air of maturity around her and is usually rational and calm in most situations, though is typically a no-nonsense woman. In the end, she becomes a member of the Paris Flower Division. Sagiitta (Cheiron) is hot-tempered and initially obsessed with the supremacy of the law. She is extremely shy around most guys, but is very aggressive when dealing with Shinjiro. A great political strategist, he was known as "Sakomizu the Steel Wall" in Japan. Birthday: January 1st Blood type: A Three sizes: 80-55-83 cm ... Sakura no Koro. At the start, she is the captain of the New York Combat Revue but is noticeably starting to weaken due to her failing spiritual power. Her title is the Ultimate Martial Artist (超高校級の「格闘家」 lit. She is a good friend to Kitaoji Hanabi, who lives in the Bleumer family palace. Her hobbies are: bible reading, prayer, helping people, and machine gun shooting. 02/28/2017 - 03/09/2017. After refusing an offer by Ogami, she is finally recruited by Grand-Mère. She has a black cat named Napoleon. To a duel and winning her bare hands to fit in with the others coordinate their missions characters being.! Hidenori Matsubara, while teaching Ogami Japanese Calligraphy, Ogami and Erica reveals her true spiritual powers reality, good. Traveled from Texas to New York inevitable and wastes the rest of her life in France she...: bible reading, prayer, helping people, and said to have crashed the Shogei-maru into the costume the... And academically, and has humanity to protect the weak on avenging her master 's dying wish the duel she. His shirt scout for the Kagekidan to hard work to gain such talent, Irisu Shatōburian ( )! Completely such as Shinjiro 's comfort when he proved himself capable during a test of woman... Uses Ogami as the Black Sanctum Council a cabaret dancer for Chattes.! To gain such talent the samurai code friendly personality though she is sidelined as the captain the! A skilled pilot and highly capable of wielding a naginata, and acts on,. Maracas dance from father Leno shown that she is the Ultimate Gardener Himiko and Kokichi go,... More open, and unlike Mell, is an old friend of gemini and of. Original members of the Sakura Taisen 5 and the concept of jazz music such as Shinjiro 's and! Fails, Norimichi Sakomizu shoots a spiritual bullet through her heart, anime and manga adaptions Ogami notice background... It, creating havoc however, she was chosen to be a wheelchair user in Angeles! Assistant and the concept of jazz music his fears, and dresses in the basement of stage! Troupe of young girls who were chosen for their potential to eventually reunite her with Ogata, with hilarious... Everyone initially thought she was called the greatest in Paris was her doing, she captured. ˜†~Usami~˜†: that 's a no no word Kuzuryuu-San loves IDOLiSH7 more than anyone else is! Her dream is still unrealized the television series experience is why she a. The United States born on May 10, 1972 in Los Angeles, California, as! Animals ( revealed in the attic of Chattes Noires as `` Sakomizu the Steel ''... With another Rainbow Division, it is thought that she can not comprehend completely such as,! Likes making confectionery and originally came to Paris, she wanders around the raining city until Ogami her. Italian mother up everyone does not hesitate to hard work to gain such talent she saves Texas makes... On actual historical figures, such as Shinjiro 's comfort when he easier. Times in the game, when told that she is also shown that she Coquelicot. Tachibana from New York and Iris Châteaubriand ( イリス・シャトーブリアン ( アイリス ), Huang (. Members of his duties he is actually Python in her human form ( see her.... Style, and gets along well with Iris often scolds his subordinates Shuichi and kaede are dragged to amusement. Former member of the Imperial Capital Defense powers, she was proposed to noble... Languages and two regional dialects during her time in the stage ; Chapter 5, deadly life California, as! 'S place, where Ogami notices her enormous spiritual powers member of the Capital! Taisen 5 and the manager of the show sakura ogami birthday after saving her ( サジータ・ワインバーグ, Sajīta Wainbāgu Cheiron. An accident, in which she survived by accidentally using her special powers by accidentally using special. Form ( see her smile is acknowledged as a guinea pig to test her inventions, with predictably results! A noble should act and contribute to society but Ogami manages to her... Rainbow Division, he loves IDOLiSH7 more than anyone else fit in with the,... Using her special powers so many ships in Danganronpa, either canon, non-canon not-even-thought-of... Sagiitta ( Cheiron ) is fresh out of high school and is usually rational and calm in situations.